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Full Name : Alexis Parr
Age : 16
D.O.B : 11th October 1991
Sex : Female
Alias : Arrpay
Nicknames : Alex, Lex, Lexi, AP

Forum Stats
General Foruming Experience : 4 years
Reviewing Experience : 3 years
Designing Experience : 2 years

Quick Note
Hey all, nice to see that you have taken an interest in my work and my reviewing. Now that I am in a full time job I do find it a lot harder to be on forums as much as I used to but I have tried hard to get this site up and running. I have lost numerous amount of reviews and designs over the years so my databases are so low. However, when I do have time I will be trying to get them fuller. For the time being I don't think I will be doing that many requests but I will try to design now and again and do a few reviews when people aren't expecting so I am at least keeping up my work.

How did I get started?
Well not many of you will know but my reviewing career, if that's what you want to call it, started back when AdU was around. I first started out giving out support while online and then they were in desperate need of reviewers at one point. On a limb I decided that I would help them out for a little while. Of course at first I found that I wasn't as good as all the rest but I started to enjoy reviewing. I was then moved into the reviewers team where I improved my skills and finally became the manager. Once I got comfortable with my reviews I started to get jobs at other forums but then started to feel the pressure. By this time I had other commitments that hindered my online time. Over the past year I have tried to hold down a reviewing job but I can never find the time to be online as much as they want me to be.

When did you start designing?
I have always done designing now and again for myself but the only time I started making graphics for other people was when I applied for RA at Forum Boost, however shortly after I made my position I got transfered to review section once again. After my short time as a RA I felt that I enjoyed it more although it might have just been a faze since I really loved reviewing at first. Now that I have my own site I will try to make more graphics for people to use at their site or forum.

Thanks again for visiting my portfolio and if you have any questions regarding my reviews or anything else please feel free to PM me here.