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Terms of Service
1. Accounts
1.1 You may only register one account here at Arrpay's Showcase. If there is any particular reason why you must have more than one account registered with the same IP then you must contact an administrator.
1.2 You must have a secure password so that no one else can abuse your account.
1.3 User Names
1.3.1 You must not register with an inappropriate user name.
1.3.2 You may request a user name change at any point in time but it will only be changed if the new name is sensible.
1.4 User Graphics
1.4.1 You must not have an inappropriate signature image/link or an inappropriate avatar.

2. Content
2.1 You may use any of the content placed in selected forums but only content stated.
2.2 You may post freely throughout the forum but keep it appropriate.

3. Requests
3.1 You may request for anything you wish but you must read all guidelines before posting.
3.2 You may not pass on any requests completed as your own work.
3.3 Copyright on all requests completed will not be stated on the final image but it would be nice to recommended to a friend if you are happy with the result.

4. Staff
4.1 You must respect all staff regardless of the situation.
4.2 You must not ask to be on the staff team, if we wish to find more help we will advertise positions available.

Please note that Alexis reserves the right to change/update the T.o.S at any time without notice or reason.